Brand Story

The Mino region of Gifu prefecture is home to one of the oldest and largest ceramics industries in Japan. The region is defined by its wide range of manufacturing, which includes traditional Mino ware, common tableware and fine ceramic products, such as tiles, for use in architecture and infrastructure projects. Essential to the industry’s development has been the quality of the soil found in Mino.Mino Soil is a brand that uses design to convey the beauty and potential of the region’s soil. Made by local people using local soil, the brand’s interior accessories address the needs of residential, commercial and public spaces. Each product contains a timeless beauty and appeal, connecting Mino’s craftspeople with the world and raising awareness of soil. In order to achieve this, the brand works with unique designers who truly recognise the preciousness of resources, pursuing a fresh approach to manufacturing. Environmental issues are also being addressed through initiatives such as the development of technology for recycling materials. The aim is to connect soil, blessed by the earth, with a sustainable way of life.
Passed down through generations, Mino’s techniques and the gifts of nature can play an important role in the pursuit of innovation. Commencing in 2021, Mino Soil will present the results of its endeavours across three exhibitions.