My work began with a question. Instead of using moulds to make high-precision ceramics, what if I connected parts by hand to create something between an industrial product and a craft item? In the past, I have made baskets using a range of materials, which led me to the idea of making a soil basket. 

Making things with a mould can only lead to a single result, so I thought about using cylindrical elements to make baskets in various shapes.

I used a machine to compress the clay, then extruded it under high pressure to produce cylindrical rods. Once this process was complete, the elements were simply bent and joined by hand. In order to maintain quality, regardless of the maker, I made a tool for cutting semi-circular notches where the elements connect. I also made the baskets myself, proving that production does not require a highly skilled ceramicist.

Soil in its original form, without any preparation, has low plasticity and will crack, so I decided to use a compound kibushi clay, but I’d like to continue exploring the possibilities of Mino soil. My works were fired, producing a unique orange colour, but I’d like to investigate the compatibility between soil, firing method and design even further. 

Shigeki Fujishiro